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In this newsletter, we cover the recent Python client launch in the Symphony Generator, RSA authentication with REST clients, sneak peek on the upcoming v1.52 platform release, and exciting developer events.

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Python Client Now Available in the Symphony Generator

You can now choose Python as your preferred language in our Symphony Generator. Python has the same configuration as other available clients, including Java, .Net, and Node.JS.

Follow the steps below to get it installed in Symphony Generator, in your choice of IDE:

  1. Install and set up your Symphony Generator
  2. Run Symphony Generator $ yo symphony, select Python when prompted, and follow the steps to configure the client
  3. Select the desired authentication method, using RSA or certificates. Follow the steps accordingly to generate a config file. 
  4. Once the bot code is generated, install the Python client by running $ pip install -r requirements.txt to bring all the necessary dependencies for your bot to run
  5. Navigate to your config.json file and ensure the path to your public/private key (for RSA authentication) or .p12 certificate (for certificates) is correct
  6. Run the generated bot $ python3

More information on Python Client, including setup examples here.


Simple bot written in Python using our new Python client

Using RSA Authentication with REST Clients

Symphony recommends all developers use RSA Authentication as the authentication method moving forward. RSA authentication allows you to quickly authenticate with the system, without the need to involve the PKI Infrastructure team.

The authentication process requires the following steps:

  1. The user creates a public/private RSA key pair
  2. The admin imports the public key into the pod using the Admin Console or public APIs
  3. The user creates a short-lived JWT token and signs it with their private key
  4. On a call to an authentication endpoint, the server checks the signature of the JWT against the public key and returns an authentication token

For full description of each step, visit our RSA Bot Authentication Workflow documentation.

Sneak Peek! Upcoming Symphony v1.52 Platform Release

There are a number of new platform features that will be released in the upcoming Symphony v1.52. Three key updates:

  1. We have released APIs to create allowed URI protocols in your pod
  2. MessageML now supports complex table formatting and styling, providing you with increased control over how your tables look. Preview this on messageML rendering tool
  3. Additional parameters have been added to message search, enabling you to more easily and accurately search for messages via APIs

View the full list of updates and the swagger for this upcoming release.

Developer Events

You are invited to one of the biggest innovation days for Symphony - our 2018 Hackathons! On September 27, we will host three regional hackathons as part of our Innovate 2018 Hackathon series. At these hackathons, you'll get to develop new workflows and applications while learning best practices from other talented developers who are innovating on Symphony. If you haven’t already, register to participate in New York, London, or Paris.

Join one of our Symphony Developer Meetup Groups to receive updates on future developer events near you! We’ll also be hosting developer meetups in Hong Kong and Singapore in October. Register now and event details will follow. We look forward to seeing you there!

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