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Now that you've seen some of our dev program basics, we'll keep you updated with regular newsletters. In this developer newsletter, we cover the setup for a working bot, how to create a pricing bot, and key v1.51 platform updates for you to leverage.

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Quick Steps to a Working Bot

New developer documentation is here to help you start building bots. We also created key development tools to standardize bot creation across languages and eliminate the number of steps required from start to finish.

Follow these steps to set up your Symphony Generator and create a working bot:

  1. Install npm and Yeoman Generator
  2. Install Symphony Generator
  3. Create and navigate to a working directory
  4. Invoke the generator with the command 'yo symphony'
  5. Answer questions from the generator
  6. Deploy generated certificate into the Symphony admin portal and create a service account
  7. Install dependencies
  8. Run



Create a pricing bot with the Symphony Generator

With your Symphony Generator up and running, one bot you might like to create is a pricing bot. This bot can provide traders with price quotes for securities when they indicate the amount and security to price. Follow the steps below to quickly create a pricing bot: 

  1. Retrieve the template of a Symphony chat bot that prices equities. The bot is written in node.js and is easily configurable.
  2. Adapt the code to access services of yourchoice.
  3. Install your dependencies and run your bot!

Symphony Platform Updates

There are a number of new platform features released in the latest version of Symphony (v1.51). We wanted to highlight three key platform updates:

  1. Service Accounts now supports RSA-based authentication. To learn more about using RSA for authentication, please read our updated authentication guide.
  2. Our message rendering tool is now accessible for everyone to use! Use this tool to quickly preview MessageML and entityJSON to see how they would appear on Symphony.
  3. All user account end points have been updated to a V2 to support the RSA authentication flows via API. Additional endpoints, including list users and stream information have also been updated to return more information.

See a full list of updates you can leverage. 

Developer Events

Our first Symphony Developer Meetups in New York, London, and Paris were a success! Join one of our Symphony Developer Meetup Groups to receive updates on future developer events, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

On June 5, we hosted hackathons in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore with incredible bots and integrations built as a result. Check out a recap of the day, a full list of the winning developments, and live demos at Symphony Innovate Asia! Keep an eye out for more information about joining our next Innovate 2018 Hackathon series in New York, London, and Paris this September! 

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