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In this newsletter, we highlight our Developer Meetups in Singapore and Hong Kong, key highlights from Symphony’s v1.53 platform release, and exciting topics for our developer program in early 2019.

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Symphony Developer Meetup Recap: Singapore & Hong Kong

Over 150 developers from 35 financial services firms attended the Symphony Developer Meetups in Singapore and Hong Kong in November. Attendees learned about the new Symphony Developer Program and Machine Learning from Amazon Web Services. Many of them also participated in a hands-on session and built a bot using the Symphony Generator and Amazon Comprehend!

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Watch the Symphony Developer Meetup video in Singapore and Hong Kong to learn more

Check out the Symphony Developer Meetup replay page to see the presentations & hear what attendees said about the sessions!

Join one of our Symphony Developer Meetup Groups to receive updates on future developer events near you!

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Support for APIs now available in Symphony v1.53 release!

User-generated messages route through DLP to check for compliance and security. With the Symphony v1.53 release, bot-generated messages can now also go through DLP. This ensures that all messages go through the same DLP policies, helping your bot to comply with your firm’s policies.

How DLP works for bots

For a bot performing any of the functions below, our DLP processing service can securely identify whether the action meets the DLP criteria set by your firm:

When a bot tries to perform one of these functions, two possible outcomes exist:

  1. The action takes place

  2. The action fails to pass DLP

When the action fails DLP checks, a 451 - Unavailable error response is returned to the bot, containing the identified compliance issues found in the bot’s action.

To learn more about how DLP works, check out Symphony’s latest blog post about DLP.

Key Highlights from the Symphony v1.53 Platform Updates

New platform features have been released in the latest version of Symphony (v1.53). Three platform updates you should be aware of:

  1. Applications can now authenticate with Symphony using RSA for Apps. This is both for Application Authentication and for On Behalf Of (OBO) applications. The UI is also completely renewed in order to create, edit, and manage applications. Please refer to the RSA Application Authentication Workflow for steps required for the authentication process.

  2. Message ML now supports the sending of messages containing image thumbnails as a preview of the main image. Users can click on the image to open a given link. Preview this on messageML rendering tool.

  3. We have released new URIs to create a chat room with emails and userIDs. Test the URIs now.

See the full list of updates you can leverage.

Exciting Topics for Symphony’s Developer Program in 2019

If you like 2018, you will love 2019. The Symphony Developer Program will continue to expand and provide a richer developer experience. In 2018, we provided developer tools and best practices to accelerate the creation of bots and scaffold the implementation of your first automation projects. Several topics were covered during our developer meetups, such as RPA, BPM and AI, with demos and hands-on sessions. Next year, we will continue to help your journey to conquer the hyper-connected Enterprise. It is time to bring all these technologies together to break silos across the front, middle, and back office, by implementing Intelligent Automation.

Earlier this year, we formed the Symphony Market Solutions team, a new team focused on all aspects related to the creation of standard tooling and integrations on Symphony. Services will be made available from Symphony for common developer tools (e.g. Jira, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc.) and business workflows.

Last but not least, 2019 will be the time to recognize your expertise on Symphony and become a Certified Symphony Developer. Stay tuned to learn more about the certification process.

We’d like to thank you for embracing the Symphony Developer Platform this year and hope that this exciting news will make your 2019 projects a breeze!

Developer Events: 2018 Recap

2018 was an exciting year for Symphony’s developer community. We hosted 5 developer meetups across New York, London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong, with hundreds of developers participating. Our Symphony Innovate Hackathons also took place in 6 cities globally - read the recap to learn more.

We will be hosting more exciting events in 2019, so make sure to join one of our Symphony Developer Meetup Groups to receive updates on upcoming developer events near you!

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